Are you an agency wishing to reach customers with an expanded portfolio? Do you want to earn money with the help of an exclusive product? Do you want work that is playful and creative? Then collaborate with our company, which is composed of handy programmers and creative individuals. Together, we will devise many funny campaigns which will both please your clients and earn you money.


  • Dealer prices and quantity discounts
  • Possibility to create your own interactive animations
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Sales support
  • Videos, photos, brochures and manuals are available so that your company does not appeal as a newbie in the field
  • Technical learning curve
  • Online support 24 x 7
  • The possibility of installing cameras and software remotely all over the world
  • Quick and inexpensive creation of new games and effects for your clients
  • Fast calculation of prices for the new effects
  • Nonstop access to links for downloading software and other materials
  • Online program to accelerate cooperation in the development of new software


How can I make money on these products?

  • Margin on software
  • Making creative content and new animations
  • Margins on hardware
  • Installation and service
  • Rental of software and hardware for parties, exhibitions, promotions, etc.
  • Rental of advertising time by locating in public places (shopping centres, train stations, airports)
  • By placing yourself within an office, you will increase the prestige of your

What is the minimum annual subscription so that I can become a partner?

None. If you are building the business on our products, it would be useful to have at least some products to show your customers.

What type of partner is suitable for cooperation?

An individual or a company.

Can I become an exclusive partner for the country?

Yes, but you need to negotiate a contract for a minimum annual subscription. For more information, please contact us.

What does the training looks like?

Training can be done in person in the Czech Republic, or online. We can easily explain the camera and software adjustment remotely and we can also help you with the installation remotely.

Do I need a show room?

It's good to show clients the products in your office. It is also possible to refer them to a previously installed product that already generates money, somewhere in a public space. Another option is to present the product in the client's office directly.