In short:

We are the direct manufacturers of software for interactive floors, bars, foils, virtual graffiti, touch foil and augmented reality. We provide lease and sale. Our team of programmers and graphic designers will create any company presentation, game or software.

Competition Success:

We won an award in the business ideas competition Idea of the Year 2010 (Nápad roku 2010), in which we won the category Potential of the Year. We also got into the top 10 in the competition Start-up of 2008. We participated in the famous show with five investors D-Day (Den D) on Czech Television (Česká televize).

At length:

The company, Interactstyle, presents a revolutionary patented technology in the field of visual marketing. The technology will catch your attention not only visually, but also draw you into action! Interactive advertisements tell your customers not only the story of your brand, but also engage them in an entertaining game with your product, therefore leaving a lasting impression that will remind them that you are here for them.

We are a group of creative people who create entertaining and easy-to-remember advertising messages according to your wishes. We provide service, transportation, installation, and advice with the choice of projectors and foil to all packages offered. We are able to adjust predefined effects and also create brand new effects and our team of programmers will develop any additional software. We are distributors of many projector brands, so we assure you that together we will choose a product that will reflect your needs.


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