Interactive screen

Become the Ironman and catch falling logos. You can see yourself as in the mirror in the big screen together with a mask. You receive score points catching the falling objects. The "plus object" changes into your logo, the "minus object" decreases a point. At the end of the game, your score and ranking are revealed. A hostess writes down names of the players, their email adress and score. At the end of the event, you give prices to the best players and you get a database of email adresses. During two-day music festival, we collected more than 500 email addresses for our client Footshop.


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Interactive floor

Interactive floor is a picture projected onto the ground. It reacts to peoples’ movements and is used for advertising and entertainment. Interactivity makes the advertising experience longer and more intense, as the participants are drawn into the story. You can play a musical instrument right in the shop, learn to dance the waltz, play football or any other game with the advertised product.

Basic effects:

FootballWaltz lessonsFlying cubes effect
HockeyFlying batsMerging pictures
Fish tankKicking things awayChessboard
FootprintsWiping offStripes
Circlesand many others...

Technical information:

  • Works with any type of surface – floor, table, wall, shop window, bar, and many other types of surface.
  • The system comprises a camera, a projector and a pc.
  • The projector displays the images on the floor, the bar or the shop window.
  • The company presentation changes with body movements of the people in the projection area.
  • The projection area can be extended by adding more projectors.
  • It is possible to project various shapes.

Interactive floor in school Frýdek-Místek Learning lesson in school using interactive floor

Interactive floor in shopping mall Obchodní centrum Chodov, Prague Interactive floor in shopping mall Obchodní centrum Letňany, Prague



Would you like to have a unique shop and attract customers?

Shopping centres

Would you like to present yourself in a place where between
600,000 and 1,200,000 people walk every month? We can rent you an area of
approximately 5 x 4 metres.

Exhibitions, fairs

Draw attention to your stand and prolong the time during
which you present yours products.


Games like football, hockey or go-karts will definitely liven up all your parties.

Train stations

Attract people on platforms of railway stations that clear millions of people pass yearly.


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Interactive wall

Projection displayed onto the wall that reacts to peoples’ movements. It is ideal in the underground or other tunnels or corridors. You can, for example, walk through corn cobs and as you do, you plough the cobs away and reveal the picture underneath.

One can pick fruits or fill a shopping trolley with goods.


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