Playing games and controlling it together with your friends is not only entertainment for parties. It can also be used as a product support in cinemas, shopping centres or in individual shops. You use your hands instead of a joystick. The system also allows for classic voting by raising hands. The game was tested on 800 people. You can divide people into two groups and they can compete to each other.

There is a new technology - games controlled by voice height. You divide a group into two teams. Each team controls graphics on the screen by singing. They compete with each other, which group can make higher and deeper voice in the right time to dominate the graphic game. For exemple a flying Cupid collecting hearts. If you want him to fly to the right, all the men make the deepest tone possible. On the meadow, there are also arrows spread which he has to avoid. Otherwise, you will get a minus point.

The second game is controlling Cupid's direction. To the right by high woman voice, to the left by man voice. The task is to hit as many people as possible who are revealing randomly on the screen. There is a score at the end.

The next game measures intensity of clapping, stomping and screaming. Each group changes a graphics according to intensity of the noice. Let the emotions go. First round: a strawberry plant grows as quickly as strongly they clap. Second round: a bug appears and it wants to eat it. The more strongly they stomp the more quickly it changes. Third round: they scare away starlings that want to eat the strawberry. We measure the score of each group.


Human joystick Pong game for two groups:
Human joystick car game:
Hra jahoda a dva týmy škodí třetímu tak, že křičí v době ticha:
Hra auto na konferenci v Paříži firmy Schneider Electric:
Pong hra pro 2 týmy v Paříži, změníme logo a jména týmů:
Vleť balónem do kladných obrázků, vložíme Vaši grafiku a mapu:


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