Touch foil

The touch foil will change a shop window or a screen into a surface controlled by a finger touch. The customer can check your website, look up a street in the maps or play pairs. We supply a wide range of ready-to-use touch applications and we can create customized applications as well. An advertising trailer is projected during inactivity.


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Interactive projection foil

The shop window must entice the customer inside. The space for presentation is mostly small though. The projection foil will change your shop window into a screen of a choosable size and shape, however, with low operating costs. Interactivity will then ensure that the shop window changes its content along with movements of customers in front of the shop.


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Projection foil

You can get a big screen of various shapes by sticking the foil to your shop window or simply hanging it in the air, all with low operating costs (18 projection foils operate on the same costs as a single LED screen). This lets you change the design of your shop window without expensive and one-use-only posters and decorations. Thanks to 3D effects, we can create a hologram rotating in the air or a model that looks just like alive. Imagine your brand fashion show in the whole shop window area or a rotating hologram of a mobile phone.

Advantages of the projection foil:

Easy design change of the shop window

You can easily change the shop window yourself switching between company presentations. There is no need to keep applying expensive window graphics or dress mannequins.

Screen workability

A screen shaped as a teapot, a settee or a company logo? With our technology, you do not have to keep to standard formats!

Let's the light through into your shop

Low operating costs compared to the LED screens

Operating one LED screen costs the same as operating 18 projection foils.

Lower purchase costs compared the LED screens

You can get six complete packages of projection foils for the same price as one LED screen of comparable size.

Portability and easy maintenance


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