The Sea World was established in year 2002. The exposition is very popular with visitors and the number of species kept is continuously being increased as well as new reservoirs are being constructed. Currently the laregest shark reservoir has capacity of 100 000 litres of water.

Big emphasis is also put on improving the existing life conditions for the species kept. The environment should be as close to their natural surroundings as possible. There is even a special lightning above the aquariums that simulates the moon shine and a sophisticated technology  simulating high and low tide. The most high-performing biological-mechanic filtration has been implemented. The reservoirs are continously being enlarged based on the growth of the animals.

The interactive floor enables a possibility to study the exhibits of sea animals, you frighten away colourful fishes and ruffle the water surface. Everything is accompanied by a sound background. The floors thematically complements the displayed exhibits.